Girl Scout Badges

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Girl Scout Horse Badges

They gallop and trot, whinny and neigh, capturing our imagination – and our hearts.

If you love horses and want to learn about their care and the world of horses, the Horse Fan Badge is for you.

If you want to learn to ride, take part in the Horse Rider Badge.  Riding a horse can be an exciting experience.  Learning to ride takes time and practice.

Semi Private & Private Lessons

  • Semi Private ½ hr……$35
  • Semi Private 1 hr……..$45
  • Private ½ hr…………..$45
  • Series of 6 Private…..$210
  • Group lesson 1 hr…….$38
  • Series of 6 Group…….$190

The Horse Fanand Horse Rider badge requirements are from the Junior/Girl Scout® Badge Book.   We can provide a detailed list on the specific requirements of each item.

Highlighted requirements can be provided at Lewisville Stables.  For those NOT highlighted, we can lead you in the right direction.

Horse Fan Badge

$25/ Girl Scout – 8 Minimum
$20/ Girl Scout – 15 Minimum Horse Rider Badge

Lessons Required1. On the Trail: Inquire about the barn’s facilities and riding programs.1. Get Ready to Ride: Saddle and bridle a horse by yourself. Explain the care and use of the tack.2. Caring for Horses: Find out from the stable what is involved in the care of a horse.2. Equipment Expert: Visit a tack shop or obtain a catalog. Become acquainted with different styles of equipment. Teach someone how to clean and care for a tack.3. Fashion and Function: Show the correct and safe clothing for riding and horse shows.3. In Good Form: Show you can mount and dismount and walk, trot and halt on command.4. Horses through History: Make a booklet about the history and development of horses.4. Clip, Comb and More: Learn the grooming tools and how to brush a horse.5. Song of the Horse: Listen to cowboy ballads and teach one to your troop.5. Ride On: Plan and take part in a ride with others.6. Make a Career of Riding: Explore at least three careers associated with horses.6. Horse, Safety and You: Explain safety regulations and equestrian etiquette.7. Ease with Equipment: Learn the parts of a saddle and bridle.7. Horse Anatomy: Name the principal parts of a horse and health care.8. Horse “Tale”: Learn about famous horses. Tell a horse story to your troop or a group.8. New Skills: Identify two riding skills you want to learn, then work with an instructor to learn and practice.9. Horse Stories: Read one or more books about horses.9. Perfect Your Form: Take riding lessons and learn the basics of riding.10. Showing Off: Attend a horsemanship event or watch a live or televised performance.10. See for Yourself: Take a trip to see a horse show or enter a horse show.Lewisville Stables will provide a short horse ride on our premises.

♦  Horse Fan Badge takes approximately 2 hours.

♦  Programs are led by   qualified staff.

♦ Lewisville will provide Badges

♦ Indoor facility for inclement weather.

♦ Plenty of parking.

♦ Bathrooms on premises.

♦  Pizza and drinks can be delivered and served in party room.  Room is heated during cold weather.



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