First Triangle JUMPER Show this SATURDAY, MARCH 28!

While the Hunters are gearing up for the Triangle Series Opening Day on Sunday, we are excited to announce that the JUMPERS are, well. . .  Getting a jump on the season with their first show of the Series, on Saturday, March 28, 2015!

Our first Junper show of the season will be hosted by Lewisville Stables, 573 Lewisville Road, Elkton, Maryland.   There are six divisions, all the way from crossrails to 3’6″, so there is something for everyone!  Come on out and try your hand with fun courses and beautiful jumps!  The show starts at 9 am.

TheTriangle jumpers are offered in connection with the Freedom Horse Show Series,, so points earned count for end of season awards for both Series!

Entry fees are identical to the usual Triangle Series ($10/$12/$14 per class) so it is a great, affordable way to get both horses and riders out over jumper tracks!  As always, pre-entries and members enjoy discounts per division, and members are eligible for End of Season Jumper awards!

Pre-register for Saturday’s jumpers by visiting!


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